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Anne von Rohr

Results & Transformation Coaching

Transforming your daily issues into assets is what my coaching is all about.

No Miracles

No False Promises

Just Clarity

Understanding and Perspective

Simple Tools for Daily Practice

And a Return to your natural Balance


It is my priority to show you, how understanding yourself better, can help you become

More autonomous in the handling of your issues

Trust yourself more

Make better decisions in alignment with yourself


Welcome to my Eclectic World of Transformation, Self-Empowerment & Results Coaching !

My name is Anne and I have dedicated my career to helping my clients change and self-empower by using their issues as their best transformational tools.

My fields of application are:

Relationship & Self-esteem 

Body Mind Balance

Sports Performance 



From Disempowerment to Self-Empowerment

Clarity & Understanding

It’s best to know where you come from

To begin with, we’ll work on identifying the possible cause of your problem.

We’ll name it and help you embrace it rather than reject it.

You will learn to understand where you’re at in the process of transformation.

You and your issue will become a team.

New tools for new actions

Working on acceptance & self-love

This phase is critical and essential.

You will discover a range of tools and tricks and their direct benefits for you to rely on.

It’s a phase of application that requires courage, gentleness, willingness and openness.

And last but not least it’s a phase of recognition of your inner beauty and power.

Reinforce objectivity and confidence

A new perspective

In this phase you will  start seeing yourself differently and develop new habits. 

You’ll gain perspective on how things used to be and how they now begin to look different.

Your self-confidence will be boosted and it will bring a new sense of joy and hope into your daily life.

Trusting your power

And enjoying being you

With everything you’ll have learned and integrated, you’ll probably marvel at the power of Now.

It’ll become clearer that you’re the only one who knows what’s best and works best for you. You’ll manage trusting and adapting your own solutions increasingly.

Keeping yourself stuck with a problem will no longer make sense while taking decisions and actioning constructive changes will become more organic.

My Cherished Gold Nugget

Physically and literally, “The Middle” is where the center of gravity traverses you. It’s where you can find physical and mechanical balance but also range of motion and high performance. It’s also where your heart sits, right there in the middle of your chest.

From a mind perspective, it’s where you find a way to stop the noise going on in your head. It’s also the place where you find a balanced compromise between your busy mind and gentle heart.

And from a soul perspective, it’s where you feel aligned and self-empowered, trusting your inner voice blending it with the energy of your heart.

What it represents:
What it brings:

What they say...

We’re all learning from one another and it’s certainly been my experience working with bodies and minds for twenty years.

To this effect, my clients have always been my greatest source of inspiration and evolution.